Natural Magic Eco-Herbal Skin Care
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"I started using Natural Magic when the line was first introduced and was hooked. Having super sensitive skin, the products were a dream in that they left my skin supple and smooth- but no burning or breakouts. I only wish these products had been around years earlier!"
– Michelle M., C.P.A.

"Natural Magic Herbal Products combines a wonderful combination of fresh fragrance and natural ingredients and has a lovely texture to each of its products...I especially love The Pearl Mask...every time I use it my skin glows and shines! The citrus body butter is yummy and I use it on myself and my children every day."
– Lisa G., Graphic Artist

"I first became interested in Natural Magic because it's eco-friendly and doesn't have any harsh chemicals, which has proven to be very nourishing for my sensitive skin - and the body butter works wonderfully on my kids - they love it. A product based on herbal tradition with 100 percent pure pearl powder - can't get better than that! Even my dark spots have started lightening up! Thanks Natural Magic!"
– Silvia Y., Choreographer / Dance Instructor

"I have been using Natural Magic Skin Care products off and on since 2000. I love the Original Herbal Cleanser, as my skin feels so clean after each wash and not dried out like other cleansers. I am now using the new "Pure Line". My new favorite products from the Pure Line are the Eye Treatment (you can see a difference in just a few uses); the Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant (gives you a nice little tingle); and of course the Pure Pearl Cream and Royal Pearl Mask as these two products leave your skin with a BEAUTIFUL, healthy glow!!! I highly recommend Natural Magic Eco-Herbal Products to anyone looking to update or change you skin care regimen."
– Teena S., Esthetician

" The New and Improved NM Products are divine! Love my skin and the products help me hide my age! I am enjoying the new packaging and need the eye cream ASAP."
– Linda Marie D., Realtor

"As an acupuncturist and herbalist I found it fantastic to be able to provide an herbal, non-toxic skin care line to my patients. I was thrilled to learn of Natural Magic products. I find they are a brilliant blend of Chinese and Western herbs that benefit the skin. I have used them on a variety of skin types and it is great to be able to suggest with confidence for even the most sensitive skin types. The line seems to soothe the skin as well as nourish. The Pearl Cream is the most popular is it really does lighten and brighten the skin."
– Marie Z., Acupuncturist and Herbalist

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