Natural Magic Eco-Herbal Skin Care

Questions and Answers

Q: What are the benefits of using skin care products made with natural and organic ingredients?

A: A major perk of using skin care with organic ingredients is they are free of the toxic insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers. Research has linked these harsh chemicals to cancer and other diseases. Modern science acknowledges the skin as our largest organ. Products used topically have been proven to be absorbed into our bloodstream potentially affecting all aspects of our health. Organic farmed ingredients are the ideal way to provide a safer, more effective product that is more sustainable to the environment.

Q: Why avoid paraben preservatives? What is the shelf-life of your paraben free products?

A: Parabens have been commonly used to provide effective protection against contamination from molds, bacteria, yeast and fungi. Recently evidence and research has indicated that parabens were found within human breast tumors and are speculated to influence their development. We have found safe food-grade preservatives as an effective alternative. We have utilized a variety of ingredients that are able to provide very effective protection and preservation. Our products provide an impressive shelf life of two years which is exceptional for a natural line. However to get maximum shelf life we recommend you keep the products out of direct light, keeping them in room temperature (avoid extreme temperature fluctuations), when possible use the applicator spatula we provide to avoid contamination and lastly, close all products tightly to avoid oxidation.

Q: What makes the Pearl Powder in the Natural Magic Eco-Herbal Products unique?

A: We are very proud of the Pearl Powder in our products as it is very unique and effective. To date we can't find another Pearl Cream on the market that certifies the purity of its product. Most Pearl Powder comes from China which does not enforce testing of skin care ingredients. Our Pearl Powder used provides freshwater pearl which is processed for cosmetic purposes. The majority of Pearl Facial Creams usually contain pearl shell, oyster and almost always mother of pearl. The Pearl processing is unique as it is ground to be the finest consistency to allow for optimal surface area coverage and best results. Following the powdering process there is a very thorough cleaning, disinfecting and testing process to insure each batch is free of any contaminants or byproducts. It is then certified and guaranteed for purity.

Q: Are all the herbal ingredients certified organic?

A: No, not all of our ingredients are certified organic. All of our Pure line ingredients are free of chemicals and of a natural source. We use many organic ingredients that were not certified by the FDA (the only agency of organic certification in USA). We have clearly labeled on our products which ingredients are certified organic, organic and/or natural.

Q. Why is the Natural Magic Eco-Herbal Products a better choice compared to other natural skin care lines?

A. Unfortunately there is minimal regulation of skin care labels and claims. Most "natural" and even some "organic" products actually contain harsh chemicals and preservatives that have been shown to be harmful to our health and environment. Our "Pure" skin care line has made a point to exclude these types of ingredients and therefore is free of parabens, artificial coloring, synthetic fragrance and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Our preservatives are from a natural source and are a food grade- safe enough to eat!

Q: What aspects of this product line are ecologically beneficial?

A: When we avoid using harsh chemicals in the production of the line there is less released into the planet. Ideally more people will choose eco-friendly products and therefore reduce the amount of harmful chemicals on their bodies and down the drains. In addition we have initiated recycling programs for our distributors, consumers and packaging.

Q: Are your products vegan friendly?

A: Yes! All of our ingredients fall within acceptable ingredients to be classified as vegan friendly. However we do use Pearl powder and Royal Jelly within the Pure Pearl Cream and Royal Pearl Mask and for that reason those products do not carry our vegan friendly logo, although most vegan certification agencies find these ingredients acceptable. Besides our active ingredients of Pearl and Royal Jelly there are no animal products within these products. All other products are totally free of any animal products and without a doubt ok for vegans.

Q: What about animal testing?

A: Our policy has always been absolutely no animal testing, completely cruelty fee.

Q: What other steps are taken in the production of the products that allows them to be safer and gentler?

A: When extracting active ingredients we avoid harsh chemicals and instead use a gentle distillation process for our herbal active ingredients. We avoid irridation and use the active ingredients batch per batch as needed.

Q: What are the benefits of the Pearl Powder?

A: Pearl Powder has been used for centuries to lighten the skin. It is exceptional for hyperpigmentation, redness or dull skin. The amount of nutrients found it pearl powder are truly magical. The pearl replenishes strength and vitality as it evens skin tone. We also combines many herbs such as chamomile, calendula, rose and a variety of antioxidants which also support the calming and nourishing effects of the pearl powder. Our products are excellent for those with very sensitive, dehydrated, sundamaged skin.

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