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The Natural Magic skin care line has become a very successful addition in many holistic spas and acupuncture offices. The products allow you to provide a natural, result-oriented skin care line, as well as offer an additional service: The Natural Magic Acu-Pearl Facial.

Wholesale accounts, brochures / promotional literature, samples and technical support are available for all licensed practitioners. Minimum order may be required.

Natural Magic Acu-Pearl Facial trainings are available. Please note our trainings do not include facial needling for acupuncturist. We provide a full Acu-Pearl facial protocol which consist of facial and body acupressure to enhance the vitality of the skin and overall wellness. In addition we review the functions of the herbs and how they are used within the Acu-Facial to nourish and benefit the skin. We also touch on home care as well as lifestyle recommendations.

CEU classes pending approval in 2010 ( California).

Affiliate Program

We will happily list professional offices on our site that sell our unique line of products. Once you have established a professional account simply provide us with all of your business information. We will post the information about your establishment on our site and have you listed as an Natural Magic Product Eco-Center. This can initiate patients to contact you for service as well as visit your business for product.

Another perk of our Affiliate Program is you will aquire a commission for any referalls you send to our website. Have the person make note of your referral at time of their order and a 10% commission will be banked for you towards future product purchase - on top of your wholesale price!

Business Tools for Acupuncturists and Estheticians

Natural Magic Brochures with Pearl Facial write up:
Inquire for pricing - complimentary with minimum order.

Pearl Facial Protocol Card for Home:
Inquire for pricing - complimentary with minimum order.

On-site Training:
After the training is completed a certification in the Acu-Pearl Facial Protocol will be given to attendees. In addition we will list your place of business on our website for referrals in your area. Please inquire.

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