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NOTICE: Our office is closed indefinitely while we restructure the company. Thank you for your support and interest.

Natural Magic Herbal Products was first established in 2000 when founder Yvette Dellanini Ward finished her Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Prior to studying Chinese Medicine Yvette had worked for many years as an esthetician with a strong background in cosmetic chemistry. When studying Chinese herbal dermatology she took exceptional interest in medicinal herbs that were used topically. She also began blending products and started experimenting. Yvette had a very close friend with an extreme case of hyperpigmentation (brown spots). When this friend began using the Pearl Powder she had miraculous results! Yvette continued on to explore and over time created this wonderful, herbal skin care line.

Philosophies that were essential for the product line were it being herbal, safe and have clinical results. Our products have always been free of parabens, artificial coloring and fragrance. We also have always been completely cruelty-free. Over the last ten years our formulations have evolved and were re-named "Eco-Herbal". This change took place with the recent research indicating potential dangers of preservatives and other skin care ingredients that were once considered safe. Our products are now "ultra-pure" in hopes to be as supportive to the wellness of your body as well as the planet.

The Natural Magic Eco-Herbal skin care products are created with love and the intent to heal the skin. We blend the herbal traditions of Chinese Medicine with the knowledge of modern science. We constantly strive to provide a top quality product and exceptional customer service. We thank you very much for your support and interest in our products.

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