Natural Magic Eco-Herbal Skin Care
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The Natural Magic Herbal skin care line uses the highest quality of pearl, herbs and essential oils. Each ingredient was selected for its versatile qualities and therapeutic effects.

The products in our "Pure" Eco-Herbal Skin Care line are exceptionally pure. We have taken into consideration every aspect of how our skin care products can benefit you and the environment. We have noted on each of our product labels all of our certified organic ingredients. Please visit our Home page to learn how we created our products to be ultra clean, effective and conscientious.


Green Tea (Ming Cha) - one of the strongest antioxidants - protects and strengthens.

Royal Jelly - packed with nutrients for the skin. Incredibly healing, regenerating and replenishing. Packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals. Ancient Chinese have used for thousands of years both topical and internally for its ability to fight the aging process.

Frankincense (Ru Xiang) - increases cell regeneration and circulation.

Myrrh (Mo Yao) - increases cell regeneration and circulation, anti-microbial, healing and antiseptic.

Horsetail (Mu Zei) - increases cell regenerating, stimulating.

Rose (Mei Gui Hau) - very valuable and fragrant. Hydrates and soothes.

Aloe Vera (Lu Hui) - soothes for a variety of irritations and infections. Protects and provides nutrients.

Rosehips (Jing Ying Zi) - very high in vitamin C, anti-oxidant, strengthens and protects. Also soothes and calms.

Other Active Ingredients

Jasmine and Neroli - fragrant, soothing , replenishing.

Squaline (from olive) - occurs naturally in human sebum, replenishes natural moisture and lubrication to the skin.

Plant source collagen - helps build and strengthen connective tissue.

Lavender - soothing, anti-bacterial, healing.

Chamomile - calming, soothing, healing, decrease redness.

Calendula - topical anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. Decreases redness, strengthens capillaries, cools and soothes.

Carrot oil - high in beta carotene, increases cell regeneration, replenishes nutrients.

Hyaluronic - protein of the skin which helps long fiber proteins of collagen and elastin "glide". Hydrophilic properties which binds to moisture forming a gel-like substance which fills interstitial spaces. Pumps the skin and improves skin tone.

Evening Primrose - anti-inflammatory, healing and replenishing.

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