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Our Unique Eco-Friendly Program: Natural Magic Refill-Recycle Program Save money as you preserve the environment. Send us your empty container and we will refill it for you. You will receive 20% off that purchase and FREE SHIPPING back to you.

It is a win-win for everyone! Less expense, same great product, less trash and waste.

The Dirty Dozen

We are proud to keep our products within safety standards set by the Green Spa Network. All of our products are free of any of the ingredients listed in "The Dirty Dozen"- ingredients to avoid in personal care products. View pdf

Support the Unmasking of Ingredients

We support the Compact for Safe Cosmetics and try to share their information of the Nine Ugly Truths About Myths of Cosmetic Safety. View pdf

Fertility Friendly

We have taken extra steps to customized our products to be free of ingredients known to disturb the endocrine system and potentially interfere with conception and pregnancy. View pdf

Expanding Awareness of Environmental Causes

We recently announced our support for The Social Action Campaign for the Cove. We ask you to visit the sites listed here and consider supporting as well.

You can view Public Service Announcement at the following:

Green Spa NetworkRecycleOrganic IngredientsNo Animal TestingFDAThe Campaign for Safe CosmeticsFacebook